Friday, January 17, 2014

Swift Lxi Base model vs i20 Era 1.2 base model Full Comparison

Here, we are going to compare the entire features and specs of Base model Maruti Suzuki Swift and that of Hyundai I20. Following are the technical specification wise comparison between Hyundai i20 petrol Base model and Swift petrol Base model. Depending upon the name, They are Maruti Suzuki swift Lxi and Hyundai i20 Era 1.2. Difference among these swift and i20 is taking places on the basis of its catheterize(physically and technically). Hyundai i20 Era 1.2 is available to customers with a price of Rs.490000/- and Swift Lxi is affordable to users with Rs.460000/- price.

Swift lxi vs i20 Era 1.2 petrol base model Comparison:-According to our review, Swift lxi has a measurements Length-width-Height(3850mm-1695mm-1530mm). Era 1.2 petrol with (3995mm-1710mm-1505mm) size. And Swift has been spotted 5 seater car same as to Era 1.2. Maruti base model found with an engine which has the ability to produce 85bhp at 6000rpm, while Hyundai Era 1.2 with 83bhp at 6000rpm capable engine.Talking about the variation of torque among two models,Swift Lxi has manufactured on torque 114nm at 4000rpm engine and Era 1.2 with 113.796nm at 4000rpm.

Comparing the fuel efficiency of these two lxi and era models, Maruti has been giving a mileage 18.6 km/liter for its lxi petrol model and 18.15 km/liter fuel efficient engine on Era 1.2 petrol model. power window and center locking system are not provided with the Maruti Suzuki swift petrol Lxi model. While Hyundai i20 Era 1.2 has been spotted with power windows on Front Doors and Remote based center locking system. More modifications are waiting to join together with up-comings of  these models.

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