Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sony Walkman NWZ-W270 india 2015

Sony introduced the W Series NWZ-W273 W Series Walkman Sports the complete resolution for folks who want to listen to something while simply relate as audiophiles necessary in humid stipulation the device can be quick-charged for an hours of playback in just 3 minutes time full charge provides 8 hours,Designed to deliver crystal clear highs and deep bass.

MP3 player headphones attached by a agitation band for a supportive fit and comes with small, medium, and large ear-pieces. Sony Walkman NWZ ear buds into a single unit that is skilled of being sink in water up to 2 meters 6.6 feet. The W Series Walkman has no wires, and features 4GB of storage and persist up to 8 hours of playback. sluggish and dropping any MP3, WMA, AAC, or L-PCM file,Walkman NWZ-W270 Concept technology delivers rich sound, while the device’s 1.1-ounce weight means fit and consolation In all, 4GB of storage is available.

  • 2 meters 6.6 feet 
  • 4GB of storage
  • 8 hours of playback
  • MP3, WMA, AAC, or L-PCM
  • 1.1-ounce weight
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