Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Latest Working Trick To Unroot The Android SmartPhone 2015

Android rooting gives up a world of feasibility,but it can also damaged to your warranty,Rooting your android device does give you a lot of privileges.This help to customize the android phone with our own needs and thoughts.Rooting an Android device is alike to  gain entrance to administrative permissions.

If you have a rooted android phone and want to get the warranty return then here you can use the un rooting.There are different methods to unroot the android Smartphones.Here describers one of them.Before going to unroot you need to charge your battery at least or more than 50 % and back up your whole data is needed to avoid the data loses.

Steps To UnRoot the Android Phones

  • Step1 :Install ES File Explorer application on your device's internal storage dont move to the SD card.
  • Step2 :Run the Application and select the Menu option.
  • Step3 :Then Go to Tools Tab and select Root Explorer.

  • Step4 :The root explorer can be ON if your phone is rooted earlier.
  • Step5 :Allow  the Superuser will ask you to grant root privileges to the application.

  • Step6 :Go to the main screen and select "/" in the right top corner of the screen.
  • Step 7:Go to system -> bin folder.
  • Step 8:Find the busy box and su file
  • Step 9:Delete busy box and su files.
  • Step 10: If there is no such files,skip to the next step 11.
  • Step 11:Go back to system folder then open ‘xbin’ folder and delete the busybox and su file.
  • Step 12:Now go back to the system folder
  • Step 13:Open the ‘app’ folder
  • Step 14:Delete the supeuser.apk file which is in the folder.
  • Step 15:After deleting restart your phone.
  • Step 16:Now your Unrooting Is Done
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