Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2015 Audi A3 models price and Specifications

Now Audi planning to introduce their latest 2015 model of A3 into automobile market. With this new model audi will does the improvment of thier class in global automobile industry . Now the company had revieled the complete specs and reviews of New 2015 Audi A3. Here we have including the specifications and high quality pfotogallery of new audi a3. There is tow models are available for complete review of audi a3, 2015 Audi 1.8T Premium FWD S tronic and 2015 Audi 1.8T Premium quattro S tronic.

New A3 model of Audi has priced on the basis of luxury treatment and technical qualification, which is around of $29,900 for 1.8T Premium FWD S tronic and $32,900 for 1.8T Premium quattro S tronic. Coming to the technical specifications of new 2015 Audi a3, 1.8L I4, 16 Valves engine has founded with FWD S tronic and have the ability to produce a power of 170 at 4500 rpm.The engine which is spotted with new FWD S tronic is Gas/Diesel engine and has efficient with a mileage of 23 to 33.

Technical specifications of new 2015 Audi a3 quattro S tronic has spotted with 2.0L I4, 16 Valves engine producing a power of 220 at 4500 rpm. Mileage of new quattro S tronic is not differ from the previous model and the Cruising Range is 391.5 miles, Power to Weight Ratio is 15.3 . Bore X Stroke
3.25 x 3.65.
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