Sunday, November 17, 2013

Apple IWatch Concept 2015

2015 Apple is making ready to distribute a new type of IWatch Concept will be the most smart watch. The latest technology analogy Concept will be the best in 2015. IWatch designer introduce his own concept of this device. The gadget provide characteristic, prominent quality; distinctive facial structure and attractive impression and strictly assist in stylish apple products.


Apple iWatch introduce a set of advanced features connection to the possession obscure services and synchronization with the iPad, iPhone, iMac or MacBook. In place of the customary dial smart watches supplied touch OLED-display and a small touch-pad below the screen. Below the display are also available controls MP3-player,  is 3.3 cm, small solar panel.  Apple IWatch Concept 2015 increases the battery life of the device.

  • 3.3 cm
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iMac or MacBook
  • OLED-display
  • MP3-player
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