Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shiny ESB100 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The ESB100  came to by chance as portable, compact speaker that is approximately the estimated size of a softball which express big sound, but has situated it such that they anticipate to turn it into a “must have” item for buyers who are constantly on-the-go, thanks to its built-in microphone that set free  hands-free calling as well as substantiate for voice actions.ESB100 can simply recharge the speaker with the MicroUSB cable and containing wall charger.

ESB100 exaggerate about over 30-feet of working wireless range as with any proper Bluetooth enabled device would arise with, but you also have the supplemental option of creating use of the line-in function, enabling you listen to your preferred tunes directly from a connected device. There will be Aux In and Aux Out ports the one that generate it appropriate for multiple associating options, and it also make possible the ESB100 to in pairs up as a wireless receiver for your house's stereo system. The battery offers 35 hours of continuous playtime .

Features Of Simple new Bleutooth Wireless speaker
  • Play audio wirelessly from by any Bluetooth enabled electronic devices.
  • Activate Google Voice Actions.
  • Answer calls and chat bright and clear.
  • 30+ feet range conditional upon on the environment.
  • Micro Sd card slot
  • Wireless receiver for your home theater system.
  • Wireless Playback
  • Speaker Phone 
  • RCA Out 
  • 15 Hour Battery 
  • Customizable Grill 

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