Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to program backgound image wallpaper android development

Here we are going to explain about, how set and fix an image as wallpaper and changing its properties in an android application.It is simple to set an image as a wallpaper, there are different small problems that need to be addressed to sharply fix a wallpaper.This app will enables you to generate a wallpaper for each day which replaces automatically every morning, this tip helps to a number of points which will help in setting the wallpaper.

Create activity to Get an image from your Album: Android image operations are taking places by a class called Intent. Intent is an abstract description of an opration that will happend.Intent allows to peform possible opration mean while in the code.

Set your picture from Album: it is setting the image that you have selected for further process.

Android Bitmap properties Setting:-

Setting hight and width properties fo your bitmap for wallpaper:Creating a new file and set hight and width of that file for pic. enabling the bitmapfactory options.This will result an images size ratio at last.

Before setting the picture that you have selected as wallpaper, you need to maintanin and manage the display prperties of your android device. And then set the image as wallpaper of your device.
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