Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy Steps to Unlock BootLoader on HTC ONE X

Here is the steps to unlock the Bootloader of your HTC one X. You are already instructed to doing the steps with high concentration and Order.Unloacking of bootloader will allows  you to install custom rom and root your Htc one x. For unloacking the HTC ONE X, you need to get the All in one tool for Htc One X by below location.

Got the Package All in One tool for HTC One X?

Steps to Unloack the Bootloader of Htc One X
  • Take out the archive on your desktop in a folder named ONE_X 
  • Open the outed folder and execute One X
  • On your HTC One X mobile phone go to 'Settings' then 'Developer Options' and 'check tick on USB Debugging'.
  • Press the Install HTC Drivers on  the All in one Htc software from PC . Reastart the Desktop PC after all drivers are installed
  • Again open One X.exe and join your One X to your PC desktop.
  • Go to and register using your email id.
  • In commands part of the program, select Boot into Bootloader and press on Do Command.
  • This will reboot the phone into bootloader screen which declare FASTBOOT USB.
  • Press the Get Token ID from desktop All in one tool and press Go. This will exhibit you the process to get the Token ID.
  • Now press the right mouse button in the window and select Mark and now start emphasizing   where it tells< < < < Identifier Token Start > > > >  and then it also tell < < < < < Identifier Token End > > > > >  after a short time and then press right button on mouse and it will automatically be copied.
  • Now in the all in one tool press Submit Token ID and this will exposed a new tab.
  • scroll down the page and in the vacant text box paste the copied Token ID. Now Submit.
  • Check for the mail in your registered mail address for Unlock Token.
  • Now get the Unlock_code.bin and guard it.
  • In the All in one tool select on Unlock Bootloader and select the Unlock_code.bin  and the all in one tool will flash it.
  • apply pressure by your finger on volume button up and then power button to receive. Your phone will rebooting.
  • When booting is completed, go through Settings -Developer Options and check tick USB Debugging.
  • join the htc one x again and it will be identified.

Now Go through Easy way to Root your Android HTC One X by Root Your Android Device

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