Saturday, August 3, 2013

Downgrading All Xperia ics 4.0.4 to old gingerbread 2.3.4 Stock OS

                 After upgrading the OS of your Android Device, the device may sometimes start to have problems with some applications which uses services like WiFi, camera etc. In such cases, you have to restore the stock OS back to your android device. Even if many users know how to upgrade the OS to a latest version, many of them are unaware of the downgrading process. The instructions given here are recommended only for Sony Xperia users. For the technique provided here, there is no need to root your device or unlock the boot loader.

The instructions for the downgrading are given below.

Required Files
  • Flashtool
  • Android OS that you need to Install in ftf format
  • Your devices ADB driver

Create a back up of all your data as the downgrading may flash your device.

  •  Install the flashtool into the C drive
  •  Goes to your phone settings tick "unknown sources" and Enable USB debugging [in 4.0.4, in Phone select Settings >> development options(last)
  •  Get the ftf OS for your android device from above link and place it into your Computer's C:\Flashtool\firmwares folder.
  •  go to  C:\Flashtool\drivers  then execute the exe file and install the drivers for your device
  •  go C:\Flashtool and open FlashTool.exe and choose flashmode..
  •  select your ftf file to flash.. And press shown below picture

  • Then you can see the process going on in flash tool
  • Wait until you will see the window looked as below picture

  • 9.Follow image The flashtool will argue you to connect your phone in flash mode... There is a specific key for each device [ Get key for each device by read below] and For xperia x10 mini as figure and xperia mini   as the key is "volume DOWN".
mini, mini pro, ray, active, live with Walkman, S, P, U, sola
play, arc, arc s, neo, neo v, pro,x8, x10, x10 mini, x10 mini pro

  • Keep holding the key until flashtool indicate to release the key..
  • You can see the process in window.
  • Wait till the process in window to display as 100%.. 
  • At last you can see the flashing completed message in window
  • Then you can restart your phone...
Please note that, the first boot may take a more time..

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