Monday, January 5, 2015

Hyundai Android application Car automation

Hyundai has just introduced that it in the course of making Blue Link, Hyundai's new version of the car-monitoring app, Blue Link, with the support for Android Os to start, lock, and locate their cars from their base of the hand. Hyundai's Blue Link technology for supervising and regulating the car remotely with Blue Link. The Blue Link Android software will be modernized with  be used of Android support in early 2015. The app will be demonstrated at the Hyundai’s CES compartment .

The app will be valid within Q1 on Google's Play store and will manage with Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and LG watches which runs on android operating system. Blue Link smartwatch software activates with 1st and next generation Blue Link provided with Hyundai models. The Blue Link software will be on show at a pre-CES event known as PepCom, as well as at Hyundai’s compartment at CES.

Hyundai's smart app will works as follows. Hyundai notes the Android packed device with the Blue Link smartwatch software have to be joined via Bluetooth to a smartphone to work. The Hyundai demands remote uses will act as long as there is extent of the ability of internet.Many of the different voice activated functions that users could indented with the Hyundai Blue Link smartwatch software are Remote Engine Start, Remote Engine Stop, Remote Flash Lights / Honk Horn, Car Finder, Call Roadside,Remote Door Lock, Remote Door, Unlock and Call Blue Link.

Hyundai Android app

  • Remote Engine Start
  • Remote Engine Stop
  • Remote Door Lock 
  • Remote Door Unlock
  • Remote Flash Lights 
  • Remote Flash Honk Horn
  • Car Finder
  • Call Roadside : Call roadside assistance
  • Call Blue Link
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