Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2016 Toyota Tacoma Specification And Price Details

Toyota announced a new truck 2016 Toyota Tacoma.This will be a mid size truck which is launched in 2016.This Tacoma will comes with lots of features and specifications that includes new type of body,updated transmissions and re turned suspensions etc.

This new Toyota Tacoma will comes with a 4 Liter v6 Engine.It will offer the maximum power of 236 Hp.The Maximum torque of this 2016 Toyota Tacoma is 266lb-ft.The earlier version of Tacoma is powered by a 3.5 v6 engine which provide 159 Hp and torque of 180lb-ft.The Toyota Tacoma offer 6 speed manual transmission.The previous Tacoma provided a 5 speed or 4 speed manual transmission.

This Tacoma offer either rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.This Toyota Tacoma offer better off road driving.Toyota offer the Tacoma's bucky suspension has been retuned not only for smoother ride on pavement but also commits to even better performance off-road.The electronic limited slip and locking rear differential crawl control etc are added for better control and stability for this truck.The price of Toyota Tacoma is around $20,765.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Technical Specifications
  • 4 Liter v6 Engine
  • 266lb-ft Max Torque
  • 236 Hp Max Power 
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission
  • electronic limited slip Control
  • crawl control

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