Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tata Nano Twist Active AMT 2015 Price,Specification,Mileage Details

The new TATA NANO AMT is ready to launch in early in 2015.The previous versions NANO twist.The twist car provide power steering option to the NANO series .Now the TATA NANO AMT will comes with more features and specifications.NANO AMT will comes with some changes in Head light and rear light area.This NANO AMT is a semi automatic version.

The TATA NANO AMT will be powered by 1 Litre engine.This engine will be a 3 cylinder petrol engine.The power of this NANO AMT engine is 624cc.Manufactures offer The semi automatic gearing system for this NANO AMT.This NANO AMT will have the milage of 25.35kmpl.The AMT gear box is almost same as the F-Tronic unit which is used in Zest compact sedan.

This new car will equipped with a five speed automatic manual transmission called AMT.The other changes in TATA NANO AMT are new bumper,new boot keyhole and F-Tronic badge etc.The torque of this car will be 51nM and horse power of 37Bhp.The Expected launch of this TATA NANO AMT Car will be March 2015.The Price of this TATA NANO AMT is around 3.25 Lakh. 

  •  624cc Engine
  •  25.35kmpl Mileage
  •  51 Nm Torque
  •  37 Bhp Horsepower
  •  5 speed automatic manual transmission

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