Friday, March 28, 2014

Bolero 2014 Diesel Special Edition Overview


Mahindra's constant innovations always inspire their customers and deliver what they want at all times. The all new Mahindra C Segment SUV  Bolero Diesel Special Edition is going to be available in market and said that  Bolero Diesel Special Edition its sporty appearance is enhanced by contrasting bumpers.It is actually elegant, dignified and sporty.The view that is in your mind will be reinforced when you climb inside. Simply we can say the interior of Mahindra Bolero Diesel Special Edition is just amazing. And it is actually a thrilling surprise when it comes to performance. Interiors of the machine has been designed such a way that it will provide all the comfort that a customer need starting from the seat positioning to the steering design.

The Mahindra Bolero Diesel Special Edition as the machine is build with the sporty headlights and the body of the car comprises of the continuous shoulders that stretch from the bonet to the boot will give an elegent look and better aerodynamics to the vehicle.Actually Mahindra Bolero Diesel Special Edition is an awsome combination of technology, performance and comfort. Simply we can say Performance ,style and power come together to make Mahindra Bolero Diesel Special Edition. Now let us have a look into its Technical Specs, Features and other details. Its elegent look by virtue of its new design will create a great threat to all other  SUVs in the market. The Mahindra Bolero Diesel Special Edition pleases everyboby with quality materials and a decent suite of standard electronic features.

The Mahindra Bolero Diesel Special Edition is powered by a m2DiCR, this is a supremely refined engine. This is well complemented by the superb gearbox which helps to reach a maximum speed of 140km/hr. The 2523cc power plant generates a maximum power and torque of 62 Bhp and  195 Nm , and returns a mileage of 11/16 km-pl. The performance of  Bolero Diesel Special Edition is too impressive when you floor the accelerator pedal in any gear and the car picks up without any hiccups.

Mahindra Bolero Diesel Special Edition Technical specifications

   1- ENGINE .... m2DiCR
   2- CAPACITY ... 2523cc
   3- MAXIMUM POWER ... 62 Bhp
   4- MAXIMUM TORQUE ... 195 Nm
   5- LENGTH ... 4107 mm
   6- WIDTH ... 1745 mm
   7- HEIGHT ... 1880 mm
   8- TRANSMISSION ... 5 Manual
   9- TOP SPEED ... 140km/hr
  10- Tyre Size ... 215/75 R15

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