Thursday, January 16, 2014

Honda Amaze SX Technical Feaatures and Price Review

 Honda Cars India Ltd. has launched a new SX model of its car Amaze sedan. Honda amaze Priced at Rs.6,22,640 for the petrol model and Rs. 7,12,240 for the diesel model.The Amaze SX is situated in the middle the Amaze S and Amaze VX. The SX model of the Amaze obtain front airbags together with all the specs of the amaze S model. ABS is regular on all diesel models of the Amaze while in the petrol option, only the Amaze VX was suggested with ABS.

Honda Amaze SX go on to be spotted with the same 1.2L i-VTEC petrol engine ability to agitate with violent motion and out 88PS of power and 109Nm of torque . Other point of view, the 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine that also equipped with the New City outputs 100ps of power and 200Nm of torque and is capable of recurring a rated fuel utilization of 25.8kmpl. With increase in competition, Company is playing and scrambling models in a strategic manner to brand them more attract.

There are currently 12 models of the Honda Amaze on express – E, EX, S, SX and VX, Entire of which are proposed with petrol and diesel engine variant. Also petrol Amaze is put forward with an automatic transmission system which is attainable in either S or VX trims. With more than 60,000 units sold since it was started in April 2013, the Amaze has been one of Honda’s more prosperous products. 

Price comparison of Honda Amaze all models
  •     New Honda Amaze Petrol 1.2 price E MT: Rs 5.2 Lakh
  •     price Honda Amaze Petrol 1.2 EX MT: Rs 5.48 Lakh
  •     Honda Amaze Petrol 1.2 S MT price : Rs 5.87 Lakh
  •     Honda Amaze Petrol 1.2 SX MT price : Rs 6.22 Lakh
  •     Honda Amaze Petrol 1.2 VX MT price : Rs 6.85 Lakh
  •     Honda Amaze Petrol 1.2 S AT pric  : Rs 6.88 Lakh
  •     price Honda Petrol Amaze 1.2 VX AT: Rs 7.76 Lakh
  •     price Honda Amaze Diesel: 1.5 E MT: Rs 6.19 Lakh
  •     price Honda Amaze Diesel: 1.5 EX MT: Rs 6.46 Lakh
  •     Honda Amaze Diesel: 1.5 S MT price : Rs 6.87 Lakh
  •     Honda Amaze Diesel: 1.5 SX MT price : Rs 7.12 Lakh
  •     Honda Amaze Diesel: 1.5 VX MT price : Rs 7.77 Lakh
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