Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hyosung GV250 india with 249cc Engine

 Hyosung will introduce the GV250 in the Indian market. The send forth function of the GV250 has been lated and another time as Garware Motors sold its gamble in the collaboration venture to DSK Motowheels.The Hyosung GV250 is also familiar as the Aquila and isn’t being introduced in India for the 1st time. Kinetic had started the Hyosung Aquila way rear in 2003 but the model unsuccessful to sell well in spite of being very worthwhile.

Powering the Hyosung GV250 is an air/oil-cooled 4 stroke fuel filled v twin that has a top power of 28.5 bhp and peak torque of 22nm. The DOHC 8-valve 75° engine characterizes roller designed to support cam shafts, 2 piece spring deadened sloping edge or primary drive gears, and dual squelch combustion chamber.

Dimension wise Hyosung GV250 has breadth of 800.00 mm, height of 1090.00 mm and length of 2270.00 mm.Hyosung GV250 is attainable in Colors Red-Black, Grey-Black, Black.
Hyosung GV250 Specs and features
  • Displacement:    249cc
  • Engine:    249cc
  • Maximum Power:    28.5 Bhp at 10000 rpm
  • Gears:    5 Speed
  • No. of Cylinders:    2
  • Valve Per Cylinder:    2
  • Cooling Type:    Air Cooling
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