Monday, December 23, 2013

How to remove your phone number and details from Truecaller DataBase

 Trucaller is the most attractive application that you can find a person by a name or phone number so it is very useful to recognize a person with a unknown phone number.The true caller app is also available on Android, iPhone, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry.TrueCaller provide  some important functions, such as name ,number lookup, location and number of the caller, and a social website feature that notifies followers when the user is on the phone.

The true caller application have some advantages and disadvantages.Once a user look a phone number using the application he or she need to share their contact list to the database.While installing the app there is a privacy settings to enable your contact list privacy.The privacy options are "only me","only friends","only me"normally the option is only friends.

The privacy setting is one of the important function.If the privacy is public,then your contacts uploaded to the truecaller database and all others can find using the phone number or name.One disadvantage with this app is that it works slow in 2G connection. Also, if someone is using an old number, then the App will show the old user’s name instead of new user. Also you cannot use this App in offline mode. Thus, an active internet connection is very important before using this App.

How to remove your phone number and details from TrueCaller Data Base
  • Step 1 :Go to the Trucaller Website
  • Step 2 :Select Unlist Tab
  • Step 3 :In the Form type Your Phone number with country code(Eg:+91 for INDIA)
  • Step 4 :Type the Verification code
  • Step 5 :Click Unlist
  • Step 6 :All done

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