Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Volkswagen E-UP in india 2015

2015 E-Up is just 64.6 inches wide,  125.6 inches long, and it endure 57.9 inches tall. Seating is organized in a 3+1 similar to that of the Toyota iQ. E-Up fully electrical equipmental car which should be faultlessly satisfy to city driving. E-up has lithium-ion batteries in the floor electric motor with a peak power of around 80 hp Acceleration 0 to 62 mph is quoted at 14 seconds and Its charging port is hidden behind the standard fuel door. 

E-Up from 0 to 62 mph in an acceptable accepts conventional 230-Volt Level 2 charging, 11.3 seconds although top speed is an entirely impressive 84 mph. E-Up the maximum range is a mere The external replace are swindle to LED running lights in the front bumper, 81-60 miles as a more practical figure. 


E-Up front wheels is apex power of 60 kilowatts 80 horsepower and a successive output of 40 kW 53 hp. Peak 155 lb-ft 210 Nm torque is a worthy of respect. Recharging from your household electrical outlet takes as long as five hours,e-Up badge car weighs 2,610 pounds 1,185 kg, or about 550 pounds, and polished15-inch alloy wheels. The E-Up pertaining to aerodynamics pluck sharply to the front end, underbody, and door sills and  and polished15-inch alloy wheels.

  • 62 mph is quoted at 14 seconds
  • conventional 230-Volt Level 2 charging
  • 11.3 seconds top speed
  • 81-60 miles 
  • car weighs 2,610 pounds 1,185 kg
  • 15-inch alloy wheels

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