Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nexus 5 Bootloader Unlocking Steps

Steps of how to unlock the bootloader of new Nexus 5. There is no additional conversion layer, no logging your life and warranty far at the website of the people who manufactured your phone, and no software hacks to attempt to break your way nearby belongings. You only required the SDK and be capable of to use the command line — which are belongings you required to know about in front of you continually conclude to unlock your phone in any event.

1.  Enable “Developer options” (selecting 5 or 6 times on the Build number in Settings>About phone)
2.  Hit back single occurrence  and choose Developer options
3. check the box for USB debugging.
4. connect your Nexus 5 into your computer.
5.Once you have granted your computer debugging access.

Type in a command prompt:

[in Windows System]

   adb reboot bootloader 
 [in Mac Machine]
   ./adb reboot bootloader }Or
   ./fastboot -insert comand-}
6.  Expect for your bootloader screen to seem. Once it does,  type:
  fastboot oem unlock
7.  A bootloader unlock verification page will come into view. Press Volume Up to emphasize “Yes,” and Power button to select it.
8.  Nexus 5 will ttotally removed the datas and the bootloader unlocked.
9.  Your bootloader is so unlocked and prepare for root, ROMs, recovery, etc.
10.  Bootloader screen displaying “Start.” press Power button to reboot your phone.
11. While reboot, your Nexus 5 will go experience a factory reset.
12. Once it boots accumulate, you are done.
13. you should view an unlock icon while boot.

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