Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Android Fast Smooth and Top File Manager

TechGangs has founded the top fastest and smooth file-managers for android devices. There are thousands of android apps they are used for the different operations in android operating system as apk extension. It is very difficult to find out the top and quick access android fliemanagers form android market.Following are the filemanagers have the ability to turn  your object searches smoothly.

SE File Manager :-
 Se file manager is a light weight file manager, which manages your file management smoothly and quickly. There are several features that are equipped with the Se file manager : manage your folders/files,include list view, grid view, list view with detail,zip/upzip file,search file, delete, move, copy multiple files/folders, image preview/apk file icon preview, sort option: name, last modified date, size, type.

Astro File manager :- 
The ASTRO File Manager is a complete no cost file manager for Android devices , which allows you to manage documents, objects and folders, in addition with it you can supervising task and process, and carry out backups for your data. The Astro File Manager allows users to do a large kind of operations and activities using its moving toolbar witch are identified on the top of the screen.

File Expert :- 
With a marvelous UI and more characterizes than you can sway a stick at, File Expert is very likely all you will ever necessity as far as surfing  files on your device is concerned. Apart from get at local files, you can link to cloud storage services resemblance to Dropbox and, access FTP servers, and even supervise apps installed on your android device right from within the file manager.

ES File Explorer :-
ES File Explorer is a file manager, implementation manager, process killer, Dropbox client and FTP client all moved into 1. And if you’re freeze with an old phone running Android 1.5, there’s still  a translation of the app for that.ES File Explorer enables Android users, it's not important where they are, to manage belonging to them stocks for free. You can see and approach all of your objects from your mobile device and devide them with others. 

AirDroid :- 
AirDroid utilize a Wi-Fi connection to make a browser-depend desktop for your phone that was occupied on any PC on the same Wi-Fi network. You can supervise contacts, text messages, media, files, apps and much more, all from the encourage of your desktop or laptop and utilizing your full-size keyboard and mouse.

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