Friday, October 11, 2013

Phone to Phone Charger

Some times several situations in the day where you can see your phone battery dip into the red light. It might give you the ’10%’ warning, but it seriously means you only have a small time left. Of course, this is usually where we start to panic, and hysterically search around for a position to plug in our device.

There is a great option, While your friend with full battery life on their smartphone ready to help you, there’s not especially they can seriously do. Well, except they have a Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable. This can be power drawn back cable is precisely what it sounds like, and would probable be quite useful in a pinch.
Just plug the microUSB connectors into each device, and see your battery come back to life.This is $15.45 that you be capable just put close to a backup battery that would give you one or 2 times the full charge without placing anyone out.

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