Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Galaxy S4 Customization and Optimization

Here is the tricks and tips for acquiring optimized Galaxy S4. The S4 Active is the more sociable sibling to Samsung’s best of its kind Galaxy S4. it don't mind a decrease or two, though it may not be as coarse as people imagine. Check out our Galaxy S4 Active difficulties herding together for the lowdown on just how water proof it really is. Issues except, this is a great smartphone and it is independently packed with extraordinary features to make your life comfortable.

Customize call taking options
From your galaxy S4 go through Settings-My device-Call-Answering/Ending calls. you can manually add the Home button to answer calls and the Power off switch to cut the calls. And voice control options are there process by say “Answer” or “Reject” for hands-free communication start.

How to boost battery life
Go through Settings > My device, there is a Power saving mode option which you can turn ON. Tap on it to find out indeed what it does and tweak the distinct settings for CPU, screen, and haptic feedback.
Go through Settings > More > Battery to get information about By what’s your power goes. It might be a better trick to disqualify or UN-install apps that you don’t need, if they are employ power. By the Application manager which is also under Settings > More.

Customize the LED indicator
select the Menu button and go to Settings then prefer the My device tab and LED pointer to check the default settings for the LED on your S4 Active.

Turn off unlock effect feature
To disable this effect go to Settings, tap My Device, press Lock Screen and select None to deactivate the animation all together.

Add widgets to the lock screen on S4
Go through the Settings menu, tapping on My Device, then Lock Screen and selecting the Multiple Widgets option.

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