Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2015 new honda city concept-C india

The honda launch new model of  city concept Released. 2015new honda city concept-C car with new advanced design that is presented in many countries. The fifth generation concept-c model was also conceive in the European market.  new honda city introducing India with a different equipment packages, features and specifications.

2015 honda city concept-C  will come with several replacement, these changes will be replaced front grille, new alloy wheels, LED running lights and different headlights. 2015 new honda city will also be ready for with a gasoline engine i-DTEC 1.5 liter. the new concept-C wheels on the car in the transform have five bolts instead of four that the current City has changed. New city would be more forceful than the current model and would claim more faster on wheels due to the higher capability output.

Technical features :

  • front grille
  • new alloy wheels
  • LED running lights
  • engine 1.5 liter
  • engines i-DTEC
  • LED fixtures for the tail lamps 
  • 116 hp
  • capacity will be 500 liters.
  • petrol motor produces 127 Bhp
  • High-tumble port
  • Low-tension piston rings
  • Mass EGR
  • 2-stage relief oil pump
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