Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2014 suzuki grand vitara india

The latest model of suzuki grand vitara SZ3 and SZ4 ready to comprise in a medium SUV rivalry. The number of internal characterize which might draw inward the buyers. One of them contain the easy navigation midpoint. The driver is competent of reach the media player, SD card, radio, CD, Bluetooth,USB ports.

2014 suzuki grand vitara comes SZ3 with its 3 doors or the SZ4 with its 3 and 5 doors. There are particular alteration functional by the engineers on the exterior. The pointed style can be sensed on the back bumper and grille. The vitara fog lamp is face lifted to bring a new disposition on the car. The wheels come in two choice can choose the 17 and 18 inch wheels. The firmness control select induces yaw by braking the appropriate wheel in the happening of over-steer or under-steer.

  • boosting 1.9 DDiS engine
  • media player, SD card, radio
  • CD, Bluetooth and USB ports.
  • SZ3 with its 3 doors- SZ4 with its 3 and 5 doors.
  • 17 and 18 inch wheels
  • CO2 emission rate of 174 gram per kilometer.
  • run between 42.8 until 41.5 miles
  • 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine 
  • 166 horsepower 
  • 162 pound-feet of torque
  • five-speed manual or four-speed automatic
  • rear-drive or four-wheel-drive form
  • latest Escape and CR-V
  • upgraded 4-mode 4WD system
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