Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sony's three in one Walkman Mp3 Player HeadPhone Speaker


Sony just launched their latest model 3 in Head phone. Which has also spotted with walkman, mp3 player and speaker.Sony's now excited up its Walkman line with the WH sequence of headphones, though the term "headphone" be unsuccessful to capture the spirit of the new models. The Sony's also stuffed a 16GB MP3 player into the advanced product NWZ-WH505 and a 4GB unit into the NWZ-WH303, providing you up to 4,000 tracks lacking of any other device. It's also suitable with a Mac, PC and other playback electronic equipments via a  cable provided with the package.

 Now you can proceeds the cans off and flip a switch to make them into xLoud tech speakers with Virtualphones surround sound. The NWZ-WH505 will deliver 20 hours of 1000mW, 5-25,000Hz headphone playback (30-20,000Hz for the WH303) on a full charge and a certain time of day eligible with a only 3 minute rapid charge.

 The NWZ-WH303 headphones contains 4 GB of storage, and 30 mm headphone drivers with a 30 Hz - 20 kHz frequency range, 107 dB/mW sensitivity and a 30 ohm total amount of resistance. The battery life is demand the same as the more powerful Series siblings.The new WH303 and WH505 Series Walkman devices will be attainable from October, priced at £99 and £179 correspondingly.

 Each ear cap dwelling is home to playback control buttons, and a switch to opt for hearing through the headphone drivers or via the speakers embedded on the arms of the headband. The latter are informed to create smooth hearing thanks to a joining of Sony's xLOUD and VPT speaker technologies.

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