Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Latest Renaults ZOE india 2015

The Renault introduced 2015 new looks cool and advanced uses an optional source of driving force and formal five-door supermini. The Renaults ZOE fourth electric arrive following the Kangoo ZOE, the Zoe is best the most standard. Prices of the Zoe launched in India would be nearby 10lakhs. ZOE extend of electric vehicles. More customary than the Renault Zoe that’s expected to  sharp pointed sales.

Renaults ZOE indian model is expected on road 2015, and Power is from an 89-horsepower electric motor enable to 60mph in 8 seconds. Renault prophesy range at around 130 miles, digital TFT display, while an docutainment display is embedded on the center stack, which seems to float in front of the rest of the dashboard.


Zoe Dynamique extreme has a raise parking camera and a dark internal trim pack, while the Zoe vigorous Zen gets a light internal trim pack and an active scent diffuser, ioniser and toxicity sensor. The Dynamique models cost from £14,750.   Renaults ZOE substantiate various connected perform through applications that you can download directly from the car.

  • 150km per charge
  • manufacturer claims is 90 percent
  •  conventional five-door supermini
  • R-Link central screen handles 
  • sat-nav stereo controls
  • supports applications,download directly from the car
  • head-space cabin
  • boot space at 338-litres
  • 90PS electric motor 
  • accelerationof 13.5seconds(100kmph)
  • EV Chameleon fast charger to nine hours
  • climate control fo cabin
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