Sunday, September 22, 2013

2015 Compenion Laptop india

The new typical CompenionLaptop with OLED touch screen will introducing on 2015 . The OLED touchscreen make the system different in itself , and you can closely work much like with a pc or pad. The flat screen is a slider, as it can be move towards the front  to reveal a second-OLED touchscreen. 2015 new Compenion Laptop you can have the keyboard or working control panel, comparable to a setup with 2 monitors.


2015 Compenion Laptop Felix Schmidberger's OLED tablet concept introducing as many features with organic LED panels,  16 inches  screens,  weight of a thin and light system, transparent keyboard , three-quarters of an inch thick, lower panel acting as keyboard , usable workspace etc.

2015 Compenion lap screens will make about 16 inches of utilizable workspace. The system has the weight of a thin and light system and the screen of a larger one. LED panels slide into place next with the lower panel function as keyboard or docking stations. Compenion lap keyboard that is a light to pass through keyboard and it also be use as a display screen and this is touch screen laptop.



  • 16 inches  screens
  • organic LED panels 
  • slide into place
  • lower panel acting as keyboard 
  • three-quarters of an inch thick
  • usable workspace
  • transparent keyboard 
  • docking stations of display screen
  • weight of a thin and light system

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