Friday, September 20, 2013

2014 Sony Playstation 4

 PlayStation 4 is going every game comfort loving soul on the planet rather excited for the launch of the heavily PS4 on 2014.Sony PlayStation 4 solace designed with a strong focus of gaming performance and the supreme control of your tv and media device. Sony PlayStation 4  might be recommended to given the standard process that is part and parcel of game console development.

2014 Sony make an announcement the release of next generation PlayStation 4 somewhere between April and May. And SONY PS4 will be having its reveal on the upcoming PlayStation 4 which is the premiere trade show for video games and computers. This ps4 will performs a great experience to the game players.

the PS4 specification that CPU made by AMD that has 8 cores, chip name “Jaguar”. 2014 Sony Playstation 4 has a huge memory of 8gb which is a ddr5, and of course it has wifi enormous Bluetooth 2.1, and the latest usb 3.0. Not to mention its high-end connectivity of additional ports, analog AV, and a digital optical outputs and HDMI. The GPU is a next generation Radeon based graphic engine that is capable of winding out more than 1.80 TFLOPS.

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